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About the Coalition on the Academic Workforce

The Coalition on the Academic Workforce (CAW) is a group of higher education associations, disciplinary associations, and faculty organizations committed to working on the issues associated with the deteriorating faculty working conditions and their effect on the success of college and university students in the United States. Specifically, CAW’s purpose is to
  • collect and disseminate information on the use and treatment of faculty members serving full- and part-time off the tenure track and the implications for students, parents, faculty members, and institutions;
  • articulate and clarify differences in the extent and consequences of changes in the faculty within and among the various academic disciplines and fields of study;
  • evaluate both short-term and long-term consequences of changes in the academic workforce for society and the public good;
  • identify and promote strategies for solving the problems created by inappropriate use and exploitation of part-time, adjunct, and similar faculty appointments; and
  • promote conditions by which all faculty members, including full- and part-time faculty members serving off the tenure track, can strengthen their teaching and scholarship, better serve their students, and advance their professional careers.